Castaway On The Moon (2009)

 FlickJist: I will never look at instant noodles the same way again.

Title: Castaway On The Moon

Release Date:  May 14, 2009

Country:  Korea

Directed By: Hae-jun-Lee

Starring:  Min-heui Hong, So-yeon Jang and Jae-yeong Jeong

Other films by director (s) Like A Virgin (2006), Au Revoir, UFO (2004)

I felt the strong urge to write about this film at 3:24am, having just watched it and fallen in love.  If I ever had to make a emergency review , this is one of them.


A man attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge finds hope and self worth, in an unlikely place– a deserted island only a few reaches away (but not easily accessible)  from civilization.

If a movie can make black bean instant Jajangmyeon dramatic—it’s a GOOD movie. Truly inspirational WITHOUT being corny and force fed, THIS is what we all strive for in life. When you find someone or something worth the time and effort, whether intentionally or coincidentally, it forces you out of your shell.  We each of us have the power to trap ourselves into an island of our own creation…and perhaps it takes looking at someone else’s life to figure a way out. Nearly 2 hours at 1:56:15 minutes– I never wanted it to end!!!

The concept of no man is an island, has never been this appealing (nor has it ever been this captivating.)

Like all of my favorite foreign films, although the plot can often be farfetched, the film is so engaging that I want to believe that all of it is remotely possible; almost hoping it’s all possible. Unlike other films with realistic events, but horrible dialogue, this film has that certain je ne sais quoi (aside from being very well written) that I just adore.

Definitely one– if not my favorite Korean movie to date.


 ***This movie was suggested by Research Techy & Guest Writer Danielle Parker who will also be posting her review on this film (and more)

9 responses to “Castaway On The Moon (2009)

  1. Oh my god, you two are retarded. Jajangmyeon is not a soup, nor is it Ramen. That is like calling Spaghetti a soup. Get cultured or die, seriously. This is me right now because of your ignorance: – If you’re going to claim that this is your favorite korean movie, then get your shit straight. See you later, I am going to go drink myself some Spaghetti soup.

    • Woah buddy relax. You’re right about the Jajangmyeon and I gladly updated the post to reflect a more accurate reflection–you certainly didn’t have to be a self-righteous douchebag about it.

      My mama obviously taught me better than to say “Get cultured or die” to people I don’t know, but I’m a New Yorker so I can’t pass up an opportunity to say Go Fuck Yourself And Have A Nice Day ^-^

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