"Rumba" (2008) FlickJist: A vibrant story with passion, short-term memory loss and a wooden leg -JRB

I created this blog because I LOVE foreign films. A lot of them are quirky, weird, and the best of them are original. I invite everybody who loves original storytelling to share their favorite flicks ^-^

A virtual “collection” of foreign (non American box-office) films, “Foreign Film Fan” will contain everything from pictures, videos, links, as well as FlickJist; my attempt to explain the feel of a movie–a hook for a lack of a better term.

I’ve been intently watching foreign films since 2003, and still I watch about 5  foreign films a week. Never writing them down, I have to back track and try to recall all the movies I’ve watched–along with listing the ones I will watch along the way.

I welcome you to comment, suggest, and share your favorite foreign flicks, as I try my best to recollect, rate, and write mine.

5 responses to “About

    • Thanks for the comment Cristina, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to Foreign Film Fan by pressing the “Count me in!” button on the upper right corner of the page. Have a great day!

  1. I wish there were more people in this world that could get behind the subtitles and learn the ropes when watching a foreign film when it comes to there unique experiences.

    I just don’t get it!

    If only the majority would care.

    Even if the academy award winners.

    • It’s ok Sean, those that end up discovering complex and genuinely intriguing foreign films (or any films that aren’t just explosions and boobs), are richer for it 🙂 We can relish the exclusivity, until everyone knows about it lol

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