Q & A

I own the hat. But not the paw.


 Joonmarie Roca-Brush


 Head Blogger 

Was made in:

 The Philippines on June 22, 1989

Generally feels:

 optimistic and a little gassy

Most of the songs in my mp3 player are:

 from the 90’s, but I appreciate everything from Disturbed to LMFAO—depending on my mood.

Studied at:

York College CUNY, majoring in Communication Technology Digital Media

In college I:

filmed, edited, drew, painted, wrote, slept in the library…

Enjoy eating at:

Japanese restaurants, my mama’s kitchen

Prefer movies that are:

Weird foreign films with unpredictable plots

Likes to:

hug, swim, write, draw, read, laugh…

Hates having to:

turn off the light, looking for the remote, waking up before 11am…

Favorite television shows are:

secret no one must know!

Has the unique ability to:

Lip sync under water like Amy Lee in that one video. Yea. I tried.


weird friends that have nothing in common with each other, old books, and giant animal rings

Likes to wear:

whatever the hell I feel like wearing

Is weird because I:

hates having to sleep and is usually up till 4am

Loves living inNew Yorkand all its wonders but would rather be living:

in a tropical farm island surrounded by animals

Mmmm Donut


Danielle Parker


Research Techy & Guest Blogger

******If there are any questions you wish answered,  whether personal or movie related–drop a line and we’ll answer it the best we can******


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