Them (2006)

The psychological thriller “Them” (or if called by it’s rightful name “ils”), evokes an O-M-G-I’m-gonna-pee-my-pants-impending-doom- feeling, that can be related to the more theatrical  American filmThe Strangers” (2008), starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.

Luring us with young beautiful actors who quarrel then hanky-panky to make up, all the while prepping our subconscious with ambiance music and dark warm lighting–“The Strangers” is a gory character driven film for the young cabin-in-the-woods type’a horror-film-lover. While on the other hand, “Them” seems to happen smack in the middle of a boring mundane night, with cold shadowy colors; which to me, makes for a more convincing mature need-to-protect-my-family-from-crazy-mofos scare.

I absolutely detest watching movies that make me feel like I’m going to die, because of course, I simple have to know what happens, just in case I’m in a similar situation (smh) lol. I’ve compile a short list of what to do in such a case (which includes finding a weapon, trying NOT to get injured, being quick but quiet, and definitely fighting back.) I don’t know about you, but the New Yorker in me wants to fight to the death–especially if you’re comin’ into MY home, try’na scare me: not without a fight!

Anyways, you can see how these kind of movies make me neurotic (smh), enjoy the film! The ending statement (if it is based on a true claim) is a jaw dropper in any standard.


dreamHome (2010)

dreamHome (2010)FlickJist-follow your dreams, even if it means you have to kill a couple of people that get in the way

Title: dreamHome

Release Date:  May 13, 2010

Country: Hong Kong

Directed By:  Pang Ho-cheung 

Starring: Josie Ho, Eason Chan, & Norman Chu

Other films by director (s): Isabella (2006)

Noted as “one of the strongest horror films of the last several years” by Livia Bloom of Filmmaker MagazinedreamHome has got to be one of the goriest horror films I’ve seen since Dead Alive (1993)–except Dead Alive is a comedy-horror and dreamHome is just plain disturbing.

Unlike James Wan‘s  graphic Saw (2004) series, dreamHome doesn’t give you that dreadful feeling that a bunch of people are about to die. There’s no countdown before something bad happens, there’s no scary doll on a bike, riding ominously into the room delivering a scary message. Instead, what makes dreamHome effectively unsettling is the unexpectedly normal and dare I say it–likable, psychopathic killer masking as a young woman with a simple dream.

There is no warning that you should have looked away. And I found myself saying “whyyyyyy…oh stop… ohmagod!”…I mean…there’s just NO leaving to the imagination–you basically see 90% of what you don’t want to see happening to a human being.

Definitely NOT for the faint of heart.  That being said, is it wrong for me to say it was beautifully done? lol


The Ghost of Movies Past


A bit dramatic I know, but it’s true. Yesterday I started making a list of foreign films I’ve already seen–from the year 2000 to present.

I just got back from the local library and added another +20. So far, I’ve listed 83…but will be bouncing from one library to another, before checking at last in Netflix with the help of Danielle Parker (’cause I’m too poor for Netflix at the moment.)

I couldn’t help myself (of course) so I rented 3 more films to watch lol, and will probably rent more from the next library. I am a woman obsessed!!!

THIS is going to take a while ^.^

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