The Tribeca Film Festival Experience

Danielle (lower left corner) checkin' out the schedule for Tribeca Films @ Chelsea

Danielle and I got lucky, that the movies we wanted to watch were not sold out. With my CUNY student ID, I was given a $2 OFF discount ($14 instead of $16 dollars.) ^-^

So basically, The Tribeca Film Festival is NOT a closed off, exclusive event that I thought it was. In my experience, it was an extra-ordinary movie event (catered by people wearing Tribeca Film press passes) where international films such as “Rat King” and “Head Shot” can be viewed in movie theaters across the TriBeCa region for a period of time.

What makes the festival so intriguing is that you get to watch the movie WITH the director, reporters, and other important people in the movie industry! There’s something about being the first few people to watch a film, and being in the presence of the film makers, that sparks my creative juices!

Me (left) Danielle (right) checkin' out what to see next

Danielle and I were geeking out during the question and answer portion after the movie, and I just had to say something to Finnish director Petri Kotwica ^-^

Unfortunately, due to poor planning (which was the reason for the low $40  budget), we only saw two movies. BUT we plan to plan ahead, and get fancy when the film festival rolls around next Spring ^-^

Movie Tip: If you like film noir, video games & foreign films check out “Rat King.” If you like action, crime, drug films with a twist, take a gander at “Head Shot”


2012 Tribeca Film Festival

TriBeCa Film Festival

TriBeCa Film Festival (Photo credit: summerbl4ck)

I ADORE any sort of  “festival” or  “fair” because it brings like individuals together to appreciate the aesthetics of our times (or different eras)–without nay sayers poo-pooing the festivities (’cause you don’t have to be there if you don’t want to.)

Whether it’s the Renaissance Fair, Comic Con Conventions or the annual Tribeca Film Festival–trust that I will want to be geeking out about it ^-^

I must admit that although I knew of these awesome film festivals, I have no idea how it works, who started it, and when it happens–I didn’t even know little ol’ me could attend without being important >.<

Clearview Cinemas Chelsea @ Tribeca Film Festival

Clearview Cinemas Chelsea @ Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: tamaradulva)

Is it a gated or scattered venue(s)? Do I have to produce a film to be part of it? Do I pay once or multiple times?

BUT today, I’m goin’ with a fellow film buff Danielle P. to the annual  Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, to see what the big hooplah is all about!

We didn’t get the opportunity to purchase tickets ahead of time, but we’ll see how much entertainment can be had with my $40 budget.

One of these days, I’ll be featuring MY own film in Tribeca ^-^ But for now I’ll be the wide-eyed nerd looking up at the silver screens going “WTF was that!?!” or “GENIUS!”